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What are the problems needing attention in the installation and maintenance of the East yuan motor?

East yuan motor installation and maintenance precautions should pay attention to a few points:

1, before use, please confirm the deceleration motor appearance is damaged? Is there an oil spill?

2, please confirm the use of deceleration motor voltage. Voltage instability can be installed regulator.

3, please confirm the purchase of motor speed reduction and design specifications are consistent?

4, please confirm the fixed base, in order to avoid loose when driving transmission.

5, if the use of sprocket, pulley, coupling...... And other accessories, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the installation.

6, the deceleration motor body has been placed in butter, 12000 hours to replace the lubricating oil.

7. When the motor is running, the rated current should not exceed the current value of the motor nameplate.

8, please pay attention to the surrounding temperature, humidity, pH and other issues.

9, to adapt to the environment for -10 degrees to +40 degrees, humidity is below 90%, indoor elevation of 1000 meters.

10, if not installed in the right way, maintenance or operation, it is possible to cause serious damage to the motor.

11, repair or demolition of the external power supply to be fully off the motor.

12, the safety protection device should be installed, to ensure the absolute safety of operation.

13, motor grounding wire, please refer to the relevant laws and regulations.

14, please ensure that all parts and transmission parts are fixed, then start the motor.

15, if the speed reducer with the inverter motor drive at low speed, the need to install an independent auxiliary cooling fan.

16, single phase deceleration motor after the power is still part of the capacitor remains part of the charge, please discharge or terminal terminal grounding.


Addess:Room 21, Taihu Middle Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou, China, 320

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