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East yuan reducer, let the world slow down

In July 2015 31 Nitto group announced 6 billion 500 million yuan acquisition of Italy motovari NT $100% stake. Motovari as worm reducer the world's leading brands, Dong Yuan will combine the advantages of motovari, combined with single motor system to the shipment in order to expand the European market operation scale.

East new series reducer is one of the main products East yuan. The optimum design idea of East yuan. The use of finite element analysis technology, the use of a unique low noise gear tooth shape design, to ensure the advanced design, high precision products, maintenance free.

East reducer has a special design and manufacturing plant, located in Shanghai, Wuxi, Fujian, Jiangxi, Qingdao. The distribution of a wide range of products in order to ensure the inventory and ease of cargo transfer. SKF imported bearings, specialized stator, rotor processing area, is the East reducer brand and quality assurance. Unique manufacturing process, standardized management, and promote the development of the East reducer, to ensure the quality of the East reducer. At the same time to ensure the convenience of the majority of users.


Addess:Room 21, Taihu Middle Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou, China, 320

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