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    Changzhou SNS electric complete equipment Co. Ltd is a set of trade, technology and service in one of the business enterprises. SIEMENS motor is designated in the eastern region of China's gold agents, the whole machine and accessories model the most complete, the highest cost, excellent service. Professional sales: "SIEMENS" (SIEMENS) 1LA, 1LG, 1LE, 1MJ, 1PQ, 1TL0, 1MT0, "better" YVF2, YEJ, YD, YCT and other brands of ABB series three-phase AC asynchronous motor, in order to satisfy different needs of customers, at the same time distribution: SIEMENS inverter, ABB converter, weinview TECO inverter, speed reducer, TECO, Jiangnan reducer, reducer and motor Kunishige, ABB, MQAEJ, QABP, M2QA, M2JA, M2BA, M3BP and other industrial products accessories and servo motor. The company in line with the principle of customer first, to provide first-class quality products, quality and efficient service.

    The company will uphold the cutting-edge technology of SIEMENS industry automation and drive technologies and production line of Jiangsu better motor Limited by Share Ltd perfect, with SIEMENS characteristics of the modern management mode, the implementation of total quality management in strict accordance with international standards ISO9001:2000.

    The company in line with continuous innovation, for the purpose of creating value for customers, dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and services.


Addess:Room 21, Taihu Middle Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou, China, 320

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